Become a Special Guest


Before the Special Guests schedule their personal day of pampering, each potential Special Guest is sent an information packet and forms to share with their physician, prior to being considered for services.  The forms include: personal health information, cancer assessment form, date of diagnosis, chemotherapy/radiation treatment information, side effects, and other relevant information. In addition, the “It’s About You” survey includes any special information or personal fact that the guest would like to include in their greeting session as they arrive. This helps the Special Guest feel more comfortable as they begin the process. Upon completion, the individual sends the information to the Ahava Spa and Wellness Center. After this process is completed, the Special Guest is contacted to schedule their Special Guest day. Click on the Welcome Packet Button Above to download this information. 

Spa and Wellness Services


Because the effects of cancer treatment often show themselves in hair and nails first, many of our treatments are hair and nail related. But there is much more. A typical spa day for one of our special guests includes the following services: ­


-In the hydro­healing tub, you are immersed in a warm tub with whirlpool action and jets. Color therapy and healing herbs blend in with just a touch of a button to enhance your relaxation. ­


-The vichy shower directs water to specific pressure points on your body to sooth your muscles. ­


-A 60 minute massage and facial with an oncology trained professional allow you to fully relax and replenish energy. Your privacy is key, and we use draping methods so your body is not exposed. ­


-Manicure and pedicure treatments designed specifically to beautify your hands, feet, and nails. ­


-A shampoo and style with wig consult if needed. ­


-Make up application and lesson to complete your day.


-Of course, a delicious lunch is also provided!

Our Staff


The Cherished Friends Spa Day Treatment is designed specifically for people battling cancer. The professionals are oncology trained. Their goal is to care for you and allow you to feel cherished.


“We want to support to you and cherish you on your special day with us. Our goal is for you to spend this day focused on you and on nothing else.” Kathleen

Need some inspiration to schedule your special day?

Here is what one special guest had to say:

   Hi! My name is Jamie and I was a special guest yesterday. I just want to thank your entire staff for such a perfect day. I am overwhelmed in the

enormity and inclusiveness in the special day. I have never

had a spa day and wasn't entirely sure what to expect.

Everyone I came into contact with was wonderful, kind,

thoughtful, and caring. Lunch being provided was an

additional bonus and when a member of your staff asked if

she could join me for lunch so I didn't have to dine

alone, I was even more overwhelmed.

I felt like I was part of the family, it felt like we were old friends. I am so

used to doing for others and don't stop to take the time

for myself. I certainly do not ask for things nor do I

expect them. I was ambivalent about scheduling my day

because I always know that someone else is worse than I am.

My mom was a guest several years ago. She encouraged me to

accept the day and relax. She wouldn't tell me anything

else about her day or what to expect other than, "You

deserve it. Enjoy.

It is fantastic" When I got home

last night, my husband said that I was more relaxed than he

has seen me all year. He said, "You have this glow

surrounding you and it is just lighting up the room."

He also commented several times on my attitude/sass (in a

GREAT way!) He said he also benefited from this day, just by

seeing how much it warmed my heart! I can't thank you

enough!  <3