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Special Guests are referred to the program in a variety of ways. Doctors, nurses, friends, and family have all referred individuals with cancer to the program. You can also self refer by calling or emailing us.

Before the Special Guests schedule their personal day of pampering, each potential Special Guest is sent an information packet and forms to share with their physician, prior to being considered for services.  The forms include: personal health information, cancer assessment form, date of diagnosis, chemotherapy/radiation treatment information, side effects, and other relevant information. In addition, the “It’s About You” survey includes any special information or personal fact that the guest would like to include in their greeting session as they arrive. This helps the Special Guest feel more comfortable as they begin the process. Upon completion, the individual sends the information to the Ahava Spa and Wellness Center. After this process is completed, the Special Guest is contacted to schedule their Special Guest day. 


Spa and Wellness Services

Because the effects of cancer treatment often show themselves in hair and nails first, many of our treatments are hair and nail related. But there is much more. A typical spa day for one of our special guests includes the following services: ­

  • A hydro­healing tub experience where you are immersed in a warm tub with whirlpool action and jets. Color therapy and healing herbs blend in with just a touch of a button to enhance your relaxation. ­ ­

  • A 60 minute massage and facial with an oncology trained professional allow you to fully relax and replenish energy. Your privacy is key, and we use draping methods so your body is not exposed. ­

  • Manicure and pedicure treatments designed specifically to beautify your hands, feet, and nails. ­

  • A shampoo and style with wig consult if needed. ­

  • A makeup application and lesson to complete your day.

  • A delicious lunch.

Body Massage
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